Guidelines for visiting the Carmelite Chapel:

  1. Masks must be worn at all times, whether attending Mass or making a visit.
  2. At Mass, to receive Communion, observe safe distancing. Tape marks will be on the floor to assist you.
  3. Communion will be given in the hand only in keeping with the advice of state health officials and the Archbishop of Saint Louis to avoid the priest’s fingers coming into contact with saliva or particles exhaled from the communicants’ mouth onto the minister’s fingers. To receive Communion, communicants are to pull their mask below their chin in order to prepare to receive Communion. Communicants immediately replace their mask after consuming the Host.
  4. Distribution of Holy Communion from the chalice is prohibited.
  5. Observe social distancing by having only two persons in a pew with one person at each end and an empty pew in between. Please observe the tape markings for seating.
  6. Families may be seated together.
  7. The Sign of Peace will not be given.

The safe capacity for the space in the chapel is 40 persons.

Pews will be disinfected twice a day.

Bathrooms will be closed for safety reasons.