Discalced Carmelite Nuns



“Community life, as set forth in the Rule of Carmel and renewed by Saint Teresa, follows the example of the primitive Church. It requires that the sisters who have been called to form the little “College of Christ” should help one another advance toward sanctity. Their supreme law must be the love which the Master enjoined on his disciples, the very love which he proved in giving his life for us.” (Constitutions 87)

At present, our community is 17 women between 22 and 95 years of age. Periods of communal prayer reciting the Divine Office unite us in our work of prayer for the Church. We are also united in the many works we do to support and sustain ourselves. Our community makes  enrollment cards for a variety of occasions. We also distribute altar breads.  We work in the kitchen, the laundry, the gardens, and at the other tasks needed to maintain our house and our common life.

Each day the Sisters come together for meals in silence and, afterward, for our daily periods of community recreation. Normally, recreation is spent talking and sharing as a family; sometimes it includes walking outside, working a jigsaw puzzle, or playing a game. Because we keep silence the rest of the day, recreation can be very lively! Special days call for special times of coming together as a family. Preparations and decorations, festive themes and gifts, special treats and games, mark the community’s memories of events such as the Prioress’ feast day, Christmas, Easter, and other solemn feasts of the Church.


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