Discalced Carmelite Nuns

  • 15OctoberStTeresaofAvilaPoem

    Saint Teresa of Avila

    Fifth centennary of the birth of St. Teresa 1515-2015

  • Carmel of St Joseph Cloister Courtyard

    Saint Joseph

    Saint Joseph in the monastery court

  • Grape Harvesting

    The Vineyard of the Lord

    "Holy Mother Saint Teresa, look down from heaven and see and visit this vineyard and perfect that which your right hand has planted." - The Commemorations, Prayers of the Discalced Carmelite Nuns

    Our Foundress
  • Lourdes with monastery in background

    Our Lady of Lourdes


  • Carmelite Novena 2014

    Carmelite Novena 2014

  • Carmelite Novena 2014

    Mount Carmel Novena 2014 Fr. Michael Berry OCD

  • Carmelite Novena 2014

    Carmelite Novena 2014

  • Pond with monastery 3

  • choir prioress side 9

    Divine Office

  • St. Joseph's Carmelite Monastery - St. Louis, Missouri

    Witness of Love

    "As a spiritual oasis, a monastery reminds today's world of the most important, and indeed, in the end, the only decisive thing: that there is an ultimate reason why life is worth living: God and his unfathomable love." -Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

    Come & Worship

Love is stronger than hatred. In the end there will be only the fullness of love... If we accept the whole Christ in faithful self-giving, by choosing and walking in the way of the imitation of Christ, then he will lead us through his Passion and Cross to the glory of the Resurrection.

St. Teresia Benedicta of the Cross, OCD