Discalced Carmelite Nuns

  • 15OctoberStTeresaofAvilaPoem

    Fourth centennary of the birth of St. Teresa 1614-2014

  • Carmel of St Joseph Cloister Courtyard

  • Carmelite Monastery Chapel

  • tabernacle and monstrance


    Jesus in the monstrance

  • Monastery court in bloom

    Monastery court


  • Reciting the Divine Office

    Celebrating our Sesquicentennial

    On October 1st 1863, five Carmelite Nuns from Maryland arrived in St. Louis to found the second Carmel in the United States. Through the mercy of God we are still here today- striving living "in allegiance to Jesus Christ...pure in heart and steadfast in conscience...unswerving in the service of the Master." (Carmelite Rule, 2)

    150 years
  • St. Joseph's Carmelite Monastery - St. Louis, Missouri

    Witness of Love

    "As a spiritual oasis, a monastery reminds today's world of the most important, and indeed, in the end, the only decisive thing: that there is an ultimate reason why life is worth living: God and his unfathomable love." -Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

    Come & Worship
  • Saint Louis Carmel

    Saint Louis Monastery

"Anyone who truly loves God travels securely."
                                                          Saint Teresa